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A few extra steps to take

Before you can go live with your shop, a few more steps should be taken.

Some of those steps need to be done in OrderLemon, the others in Facebook.

You should have received an email with all those steps. All of them are listed on this page with some more information. If you have questions about those steps, don't hesitate to contact our support via WhatsApp.

Steps in OrderLemon

Add your products.

We cannot make a catalogue if you don't have products in the shop. If you open the products page in OrderLemon, you will see that we have a dummy product ready. This is to at least have a product to send to Meta. Please remove this item when you add your products.

An in-depth explanation of products and how to add or edit them can be found in a further chapter. Read that guide as well, please.

Choose your favourite products.

On top of sending a list with all the categories you have made in the shop, we send a list with your 30 most favourite products.

You can set them on the products page. In the row of four action buttons on top, click the option most to the right. A list with all the products will open with a star behind the product. To mark it as a favourite, click on the star to fill it.

An in-depth explanation of products and how to add or edit them can be found in a further chapter. Read that guide as well, please.


OrderLemon makes it possible to order via WhatsApp. To set up a number with WhatsApp, you need a Facebook Business Account -FBBA-. 

Facebook Business Account

To make an FBBA, you need to have a personal Facebook Account. 

To do so, you go to and log in with your Facebook account. When logged in 

  • Click "Create Business account" to create one.
  • Give the FBBA a clear name, preferably the company's official name. 
  • Open the People tab in the menu on the left.
  • Share the account with the email address you have received in the email.
  • Open the Business Information tab in the menu on the left.
  • Fill in all the Business info. This info needs to be exactly the same as on your business registration document.

If not all those steps are fulfilled, we cannot connect a number for your WhatsApp shop.

Domain verification

The following step is not necessary for companies with two shops or less but is mandatory for those with three shops or more. We DO recommend EVERY shop to do the following two steps. You'll miss out on so many options in WhatsApp if you don't do those. 

The domain verification will be needed when you try to get your FBBA verified. 

  • Open the Brand Safety tab in the menu on the left.
  • Add your web domain.
  • Verify your domain.
    • We suggest using the DNS text option.

FBBA verification

This verification is needed to add more numbers to the FBBA or to use all the options available for WhatsApp.

You'll need one of the following documents to provide to Meta:

  • Certificate/Articles of Incorporation
  • Business registration or licence document
  • Government-issued business tax document: This could include a tax certificate. Self-filed tax documents are not accepted.
  • Business bank statement
  • Utility bill: A utility bill is only accepted for a Business address and Phone number. The legal business name must be on the utility bill. A utility bill is not an acceptable document for legal business name verification.

Later, when you try to go for a green tick in WhatsApp, a verified FBBA is required. 

For this verification, all the previous steps should have already been completed.


Make sure your website has all the information filled in the FBBA and at least the following pages:

  • About us
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms and conditions
The verification

Open the Security Center tab in the menu on the left and start the verification.

Follow all the steps and pray for a good result. If you, by any chance, didn't do one of the previous steps on this page, you will never pass the verification. Please make sure you did them correctly.

In this video, you can see how to start a Facebook verification process: