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In this English version of our user guide, you can find everything you need to know about onboarding your shop, adding and editing products and so much more!



Welcome to OrderLemon!

Welcome to OrderLemon! We are thrilled to have you here!

We know you are eager to start this exciting journey, and thus, without further ado, here is the OrderLemon Onboarding user guide!

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Everything about the onboarding of a company in OrderLemon.


Onboarding a company in OrderLemon

On this page, you can find all the steps needed to onboard a new company in OrderLemon.

The onboarding page

On the login screen, you can scan a QR code. If this is the first time you use this phone number, this onboarding page will open.
To start the onboarding, click on the “GET STARTED” button in the middle of the screen.
If you have any questions during the onboarding, you can contact us by clicking on the WhatsApp logo in the bottom right corner.


Your personal information

The first questions you must answer are your name, surname and email address.
You cannot use an email address twice, as it is used in the payment platform to identify the account.


The VAT number

To make sure the VAT number is correctly structured VAT-number, we ask you to choose the country where your company is registered.


After you have selected the correct country, fill in your VAT number. Checks are built in to make sure the code is structured correctly.


We need the Chamber of Commerce code for extra legal checks in some countries.


Your first shop

While we look for your company with your VAT number, you can start creating your first shop in OrderLemon.
The shop name is the name you will see in the app and the clients in WhatsApp.
The rest is the address of the shop. Clients will see this information, so make sure it is the correct address.


Your company details

We could find your company details based on the VAT you filled in earlier. Please check everything, as our information source is not 100% accurate.
It can happen that we couldn’t find any information. In that case, you need to fill in all the fields manually.
We use this information for invoices and other official documents. Please make sure all the information is 100% accurate.


The subscription

Next, you can choose which type of subscription you would like.
Both options are excluding the 0.35 Euro + 1.5% per order.
Our options are:
  • A Monthly subscription for 35 Euro.
  • A Yearly subscription for 35 Euro (you save 70 Euro).
Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 10.38.09.png

After your confirmation, a stripe page will open where you can pay the subscription.

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 10.38.26.png


You can pay your subscription on this Stripe page.
There are multiple payment options you can choose from:
  • Credit cards
  • Bancontact
  • iDeal
  • Sepa
After you have chosen and filled in all the required information, you can pay the subscription.
If the payment is accepted, Stripe will send you an invoice to the email address in the contact information. We automatically fill this field with the email address we got from you in the first step of the onboarding.

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 10.39.19.png

Terms and conditions

The last step before you can edit your shop is accepting our terms and conditions.
You can see two different files.
The first is a document for Meta. Without your signature, we cannot provide you with a WhatsApp number.
The second file is our terms and conditions.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 11.05.03.png

At the bottom of both files is a signature field. Without a signature in those two fields, you cannot continue.
After you have signed both, you will receive the files you just signed in your mailbox.

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 10.41.07.png

Company onboarding video

On this page, you can find the whole onboarding instruction video.


A few extra steps to take

Before you can go live with your shop, a few more steps should be taken.

Some of those steps need to be done in OrderLemon, the others in Facebook.

You should have received an email with all those steps. All of them are listed on this page with some more information. If you have questions about those steps, don't hesitate to contact our support via WhatsApp.

Steps in OrderLemon

Add your products.

We cannot make a catalogue if you don't have products in the shop. If you open the products page in OrderLemon, you will see that we have a dummy product ready. This is to at least have a product to send to Meta. Please remove this item when you add your products.

An in-depth explanation of products and how to add or edit them can be found in a further chapter. Read that guide as well, please.

Choose your favourite products.

On top of sending a list with all the categories you have made in the shop, we send a list with your 30 most favourite products.

You can set them on the products page. In the row of four action buttons on top, click the option most to the right. A list with all the products will open with a star behind the product. To mark it as a favourite, click on the star to fill it.

An in-depth explanation of products and how to add or edit them can be found in a further chapter. Read that guide as well, please.


OrderLemon makes it possible to order via WhatsApp. To set up a number with WhatsApp, you need a Facebook Business Account -FBBA-. 

Facebook Business Account

To make an FBBA, you need to have a personal Facebook Account. 

To do so, you go to and log in with your Facebook account. When logged in 

If not all those steps are fulfilled, we cannot connect a number for your WhatsApp shop.

Domain verification

The following step is not necessary for companies with two shops or less but is mandatory for those with three shops or more. We DO recommend EVERY shop to do the following two steps. You'll miss out on so many options in WhatsApp if you don't do those. 

The domain verification will be needed when you try to get your FBBA verified. 

FBBA verification

This verification is needed to add more numbers to the FBBA or to use all the options available for WhatsApp.

You'll need one of the following documents to provide to Meta:

Later, when you try to go for a green tick in WhatsApp, a verified FBBA is required. 

For this verification, all the previous steps should have already been completed.


Make sure your website has all the information filled in the FBBA and at least the following pages:

The verification

Open the Security Center tab in the menu on the left and start the verification.

Follow all the steps and pray for a good result. If you, by any chance, didn't do one of the previous steps on this page, you will never pass the verification. Please make sure you did them correctly.

In this video, you can see how to start a Facebook verification process:



One last step before takeoff!

You only have one more step to take for takeoff!

And that is to let us know you've shared the Facebook! 

We check our email regularly, but to speed up the process, we recommend you contact us after you've handled all the Meta trouble.

The shared emails will arrive in the spam folder. Some emails could be missed if we aren't notified.

The home page or Dashboard

In this chapter, you can find everything about the home page of the application. 

The home page or Dashboard

The dashboard

Categories and Products

In this chapter, you can find everything about categories and products. At the end of the chapter, you can find a short video explaining how to do everything mentioned in the first couple of pages.

Categories and Products

Import products

Instead of adding all the products manually, you can use the import function to import all the products from an XLSX file.

Download the template

All products need to follow a set structure to be imported. To make it clear and usable for everyone, we made a template you can use.

To download the template, you have to:

Fill in the template.

In the XLSX file, you just downloaded, you will find a table with titles on the top and item IDs on the left. 

Fill in all your products, one product per ID.

Titles marked with a red * mark are required to be filled in.

Article number

In the article number, you can fill in the number/ID you have for this product in your existing system. 

The article number can be a number, text or a combo of both.

Article name *

The name of the product. Nothing special here.

Description *

Here, you can add a description of the product. When people open a product on WhatsApp, this description will be shown to them.

Picture: URL *

All products need to have a picture. In this template, you need to fill in the picture's URL. Make sure to have the picture's URL and not a URL of any cloud. We cannot download images that are hidden behind a cloud.

A good example of a picture is this one from our demo shop:

Price in EUR *

This needs to be a number. You cannot add a symbol in this field.

The VAT needs to be included in the price.

The VAT *

Here, you can set the VAT percentage. This needs to be a number.

This is important for us to create invoices and receipts for your accounting.

Category *

Here, you fill in to which category the product belongs. You can have only 30 products per category, and the name can only be 24 characters long.

Category ID *

Each category has an ID. You can choose which one, but it needs to be a number. We use this number to order products and categories, so if you make a mistake here, the products won't show up as you want.


How much of one item do you have available? This field is not required. If empty, we see it as an unlimited amount of items. 

Has stock *

Fill in YES if you want to work with stock, and fill in anything else if you don't have a specific number of items for this product.

Import the template

To import the filled-in XLSX file, you have to follow the next steps:

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 10.27.56.png

Afterwards, the products will be uploaded in the background. You can do something else.

Categories and Products


Products are divided into multiple categories to make it easier for clients to look for their favourite products.

WhatsApp disclaimer

Due to WhatsApp limitations, we can only show up to ten categories.

You can have as many categories as you want in OrderLemon, but only ten can be active.

All the active categories will be shown in WhatsApp as a list the user can pick from.

Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 16.27.54.png

When clients choose one category, they will receive a message with all the active products of this category.

Add a new category.

To add a new category, follow these steps:

Edit a category

To edit a category, follow these steps:

Change the display order in WhatsApp

You can change the display order of categories in the WhatsApp list to your liking.

Categories and Products


On this page, you can find everything about products in OrderLemon.

WhatsApp disclaimer

Due to WhatsApp limitations, we can only show up to 30 products per category.

You can have as many products as you want in OrderLemon, but only 30 can be active.

Add a new product

To add a new product, you can follow the next steps:

Edit a product

To edit a product, follow these steps:

Delete a product

To delete a product, follow these steps:

Change the display order in WhatsApp

You can change the display order of products in the WhatsApp list to your liking.

Categories and Products


What are "favourites"?

Favourites are the products the clients will see first. You can select them yourself so they are more like your recommendation to the client.

The first list of products clients get to see is this list of recommendations of yours.

We can send 30 products in a product list, so don't be shy to mark 30 products as your favourites.

Why use "favourites"?

There are multiple reasons to use favourites in OrderLemon:

OrderLemon doesn't work without at least one favourite product. But yet again, we recommend having at least 20 to 30 to use the favourites message to its full potential.

How do you set the "favourites"?

To select your favourite products, you can follow these steps:

Categories and Products

The products video

The campaigns

In this chapter, you can find all information about what we see as a campaign and how you can set them up yourself.

The campaigns


The settings

In the settings chapter, you can find everything about the user, shop and company settings.

The settings

The user settings

The settings

The shop settings

The settings

The company settings

Communication with OrderLemon

In this chapter, you can find everything related to OrderLemon communication. 

Communication with OrderLemon


Communication with OrderLemon

Feature releases